Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just Because

Here are a few pictures of me that mom just loves..... Sheesh. I am not that cute!!!! But she thinks I am and the shutters keep clicking....

Here I am with my seal.... I LOVE my seal.....

Here I am after having some Tummy time with my mom... I don't really like Tummy time.. but she does... so I put up and make her happy when she wants it.

And lastly (at least for now)... here is a picture taken of me today at the National Coney Island in Royal Oak, MI where we went to have a party for my mom's friend Jane.


Lightning said...

You don't look too miserable in the tummy time picture. LOL. I'm afraid your mom's right - you are very cute. I'm sure you see it as a curse and a blessing... LOL. I know I would find it hard not to give in when you give the pleading eyes. Hug brother Ike for me!

Pally said...

Cooley I LOVE the seal picture. you are so cute :)

Sarah and Shadow said...

Hey Cooley, you're a cool dog!

Larkin and Kimberley said...

Oh Boy Cooley, it's great ta see ya!

I'm Larkin & I'm a PAWS dog that got a new home with Kimberley, where I can "be of assistance to her!"

You are sooooo beautiful and look very happy. Me too! Life is gettin' better n' better being in Service. Full of new stuff every day. Can't wait to hear more about ya!

Keep up the great work & check out some of my adventures, ok? Can we link wit' ya too?

C ya later,
Larkin & Kimberley

p.s. the skunk story made us laff out loud, but I know it really wasn't that funny... ha ha ha ha!

Larkin and Kimberley said...

Haaaaaaay Cooley!

What's doin'? Your momma's right - your are soooooo cute!! I wanna hug & squeeze ya & see some more, ok??

Happy day!