Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cooley's recent adventures

Okay.... so we've been a bit remiss in updating the blog. Sorry everyone.... it's just been a busy time for all...

Since our last update... we went to the Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek. Mom likes zoos. We had an okay time and I even got to get close to a giraffe.... they are neat, but mom wouldn't let me have any of the special cookies she bought to give to the giraffes.... bummer. Here we are over in Africa.... we got to ride a tram and Mom was amazed at how good I was while they were strapping in her chair.... I was interested but did a good job.

Here I am looking like I am being chased by an elephant... Mom makes me pose for all these silly pictures.... I humor her.

Here I am in front of the sign at the zoo.... sigh.

Next up for us was a trip to Frankenmuth for a couple of days the end of August. Mom really likes it there.

We took a trip on the Bavarian Belle... a little boat. I liked the boat and did very well while they helped my mom get on the boat. She was very proud of me. I don't get upset when people have to help my mom. I guess my brother Ike didn't always like other people helping Mom... he wanted to do it.

Here are a couple of photos of me on the boat.

Hee..... looks like the paddle wheel is gonna get me! Everyone wanted to see me on the boat and talk to my mom about all the great things I do for her. She is always happy to talk about how I help her.

Well... whew.... that is a long enough post for now.
Wags and wiggles,

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