Friday, October 3, 2008


Things sure have been busy...

I got to go to Lions Bear Lake Camp in Lapeer. It was great fun. I even got to go swimming. Mom was really proud of the way I swam and played with the other dogs there.

There were other PAWS puppies there and some dogs who are going to learn how to guide people who can't see at all or very well.

Then on Wednesday morning Oct. 1... a very sad thing happened. My brother Ike... my mom's first service dog had to go to the Rainbow Bridge. He was having a lot of trouble breathing and didn't want to eat.

I got to be with him and mom and my grandma and Yvonne when we helped him to the Bridge. I watched very hard while the doctor was helping Ike. I didn't want him to hurt anymore.

Now mom is really sad. I am trying hard to help her, but I miss him too.

She says he is able to breathe well again and play well again and that he is watching over us. I hope so because I sure love my brother big...

Mom says DOGspeed Ike. She misses you.

I am doing my best now to take care of her just like he wants me too. Mom says he must have felt I was ready for the job to go. So Ike, I am going to do the best I can. Thanks for teaching me as much as you could. --- Cooley

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CaperPaws05 said...

Oh no. Erica, Cooley, our thoughts are with you. It is never easy to loose an animal, especially someone as close as Ike was. We are all very sorry for your loss. I am sure Ike lived a very long and meaningful life and now he is a guardian angel for cooley. *many hugs*