Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friends and the fire department

Well... we had a bit of an adventure today. My mom's friend Andrea got a new puppy to raise to be a helper dog just like I am... and today we got to meet him.

His name is Mac.... and no.... he is not a PC... :) He is a black labrador.

Here he is with Mom. She was real proud of me cause I didn't get jealous.

Mac's mom took this photo.....

I got to see an ambulance up close and it was okay. Mom wanted some pictures of me... so here they are...



It was fun... I wasn't scared of the sirens or anything. Mom says that is because my foster mom and dad did a great job with me when I was little like Mac... So thanks to them!!!

More adventures to come I'm sure.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


My mom just loves this picture of me... She calls me Napoleon when i do this... I don't get it. But she doesn't seem to mind it... so I guess it is an okay thing. She has lots of silly nicknames for me.

I enjoy working for my mom.... she drops stuff... I get it... She buys stuff... I carry it...
She needs me.... I am there... anytime. I am glad to have a job to do.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Busy.... busy.....

Oh my... been such a long time since I have gotten Mom on the computer to update my blog.... Shame on Mom....

Well... I'm just going to have to be better about that and bug her more. Will do my best...

We have been really busy. Winter was icky time... we stayed in a lot... was hard for mom to get around, but we did do some things..

I got to see The Lion King in East Lansing... and we saw Mandy Patinkin and Patti Lupone in Concert at the Fisher Theater in Detroit... that was fun... Mom really loves to hear Mandy sing. I thought we would get to meet him after again like we did the last couple of times... but Mom said no cause she didn't feel safe... I didn't get that... she says she always feels safe with me... but oh well.

If I know my Mom... we will see him again sometime. :)

She says I am going to become quite the Broadway dog... I am not sure what that means.. but I will just wait and see.

More updates to come, I promise!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


HA! Gotcha!!!... Here I am with my mom.

She thought we ought to update you all... We are doing well. Still adjusting to things with my brother Ike at the Bridge... we both miss him... but she is VERY proud of me. I am doing well in an alpha role...

My ears are getting better. My left one is great now.. the vet put me on some pills for two weeks just to be on the safe side to "knock it out" of the right ear because it was pretty deep I guess.
But she says I don't have to come back to see her... so we are both happy about that too.

Not a lot has been going on for us.. it has been really cold and hard for my mom to get around in the snow so we haven't been doing a lot. We hope that will be changing soon because we would like to get out with some friends and hang out.

If there are raisers, or raisers with puppies or teams that would like to hang out... please get in touch with my mom. Maybe we can go have some fun sometime soon.

I love toys..... all toys

Here is my ladybug. Grandma bought it for me at JoAnn's. It is not a dog toy... but I am kind to most of my toys so I can have some that don't squeak or anything. Mom says those are great for bed time. I don't understand that... but it makes her happy... so I roll with it.

I love my ladybug... I carry it everywhere and couldn't even wait for the nice woman to take it so I could have it back. She gave it right back to me after she made her machine beep... made my mom and Grandma laugh... I didn't care! It was mine and I wanted it back.