Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No news

Hi there....

I know... I know... it's been a long time since I have been able to get Mom to update my blog. I am sorry... really.

Just that we haven't been doing a lot of things that she thought were worthy of updating. It has been a time of working for both of us... and not a whole lot of other stuff... except for more plays and things like that... I am well on my way to becoming a Broadway dog.... that is what Mom says...

We took our recertification test for PAWS this January and were told we did well... I just got my new flap for my harness... but our new ID card hasn't come yet... so mom says it isn't 100 percent official yet.... oh well... we wait some more.

I am really starting to settle in with Mom now... I love taking care of her. I am happy to help... and she is glad to have me.

That is a picture of me with the big bone I got for Christmas... it has my name on it and everything... I love to carry it around...

That's about all for now... I promise to nag mom to update more... really.

Wags and wiggles,


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