Sunday, May 17, 2009

Busy.... busy.....

Oh my... been such a long time since I have gotten Mom on the computer to update my blog.... Shame on Mom....

Well... I'm just going to have to be better about that and bug her more. Will do my best...

We have been really busy. Winter was icky time... we stayed in a lot... was hard for mom to get around, but we did do some things..

I got to see The Lion King in East Lansing... and we saw Mandy Patinkin and Patti Lupone in Concert at the Fisher Theater in Detroit... that was fun... Mom really loves to hear Mandy sing. I thought we would get to meet him after again like we did the last couple of times... but Mom said no cause she didn't feel safe... I didn't get that... she says she always feels safe with me... but oh well.

If I know my Mom... we will see him again sometime. :)

She says I am going to become quite the Broadway dog... I am not sure what that means.. but I will just wait and see.

More updates to come, I promise!!!!

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