Sunday, July 6, 2008

At the Zoo!!!

I went to the Detroit Zoo today. Took my mom and Aunt Yvonne with me. We had a very nice time.

It got warm but mom kept me cool with the misting stations at the zoo, plenty of water to drink and I also got some ice cubes. I love ice cubes.

Here I am while in one of the misting stations. I love being wet!

This is a video of Barle, one of the polar bears at the Detroit Zoo swimming. Mom loves polar bears. It is not great because of the sun shining on the water... but it was fun for Mom. I didn't care much.

I enjoyed going through the Outback and seeing the kangaroos although they didn't seem to notice me. I like kangroos. I enjoyed watching them.

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Pally said...

Wow!!! That looks like fun. Polar bears are definitely my favorite zoo exhibit too. ~ Sara