Sunday, June 8, 2008

What a day!!!!


Mom said today was special.... thought it was just cause it was her birthday, but boy was I wrong.

We went to the Detroit Zoo very early this morning and what a surprise I got... Bill and Linda Mueller the couple from Ludington who raised me as a wee pup were there.. I was SO excited to see them, I couldn't stop the wiggle.

A lot of the family was there for a special walk. We walked around the zoo and then we sat in some shade for a while. They brought some gifts for my mom and also my Kong that I had as a pup. I still wanted it today. So now I have it again.

The pictures are of most of the family that was there for the walk and also one of me and my mom with my foster mom and dad.

We got to go out to lunch with everyone too... and I got to show them how well I behaved in the restaurant, which mom Linda was glad to see because I guess I had problems with that as a pup.

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