Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ready for Demo's

Sometimes Mom and I go places where she talks about Paws and about me and some of the things I can do for her.

She bought me this bag to carry all the stuff in it that we use. Then she used her cross stitching talents and put my name on it so everyone knows it is mine.

I love it. I carry it proudly anytime we use it.

She wanted me to tell any other PAWS people out there that if they wanted one for their dog or puppy, all they would have to do is purchase the bag they would want to use (Make sure that she will be able to stitch on the fabric) and get it to her. She will be happy to help.


Quincy the PAWS Pup said...

Erica and Cooley, I would LOVE one of your bags! My mom, bless her heart, is not very talented in the crafts department and that is one COOL BAG! Where did you buy that bag, and we'll make sure we get one just like it so you can cross-stitch on it! Just send my mom an email at! Thanks! Loving the blog, Cooley!

UKON said...

Tell your MOM, that I would love to have one of your bags.
I will have Janey pay for it!
See you soon Cooley!