Thursday, April 22, 2010

Working.... and hoping to play

I have been working for my mom for nearly three years... I love it....

We recently started getting back into doing some education work for PAWS With A Cause, the organization that trained me for her.

I like showing some of my skills for people... mostly kids so far.... I pull mom's chair when there is room, I pick stuff up that she drops... the kids have really enjoyed it so far when I have picked up coins off the floor... I like it when they applaud for me... makes me happy.

Mom talks about PAWS and the dogs they train and how we are trained and what we mean to our partners... she is always saying I mean so much... Don't know why.... but I do my best.

I hope we are going to do some more work again soon... I love showing what I can do for my mom.... it means a lot to her to show people what we mean to our partners.

Mom is hoping to be able to get together with some people soon... she is missing getting together with other PAWS people and having some fun... just hangin' out. If you want to hang out with me and my mom.... get in touch.... we don't bite!!!!!

More later,

Wags and wiggles,


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