Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Vet visit

No photos with today's post. Mom wasn't sure she could bring the camera and didn't ask. Oh well.

I went to the vet today to get a check up. I got my shots updated and got a good looking over. I have a little problem with my ears and now Mom has to put some medicine in them for a couple weeks.

Otherwise the vet was very pleased with me. She says I am doing great. We talked about Ike too... the vet took care of him also and she says I have big paws to fill but am doing a great job!!!

I am still doing fine. I love playing with all my toys and chewing on my Nylabones ( I LOVE nylabones)

1 comment:

Caper said...

Your vet seems very nice. I like mine too.

I love nylabones too! They are the best. :)

I miss you and hope to see you soon!
Happy Holidays!